Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Friend In School

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Long ago, I met a girl who was the same age as I was. I was a 15-year old girl back then. Honestly, she was an introverted and more mature compared to me. I was a bit boyish, childish and have bad attitudes in the past. I got embarrassed every time I thought of the old me but in the meantime, I felt so grateful to have her as my best friend. I always remembered how we spent time with each other at school. We never separated from each other except for the co-curricular activities. Unfortunately, she and I did not have the same interests in co-curricular activities such that she joined judo club despite of her demure look while I joined the swimming club. We shared our secrets as we were sisters. We never argued with each other although there were some misunderstandings between us. We dealt the problems with speaking out our minds about it and tried to fix ourselves. I realized that I owed her a lot till now. In May 10, 2004, I made friend with her. Her name was Sarah. She was a new student at my school, Lucero Girls’ School (LGS). She did not talk much but she always smiled when our classmates’ eyes met hers. She never failed to help us when we faced troubles in doing tasks the teachers gave us. Miraculously, she was the first one who became my best friend. The other girls did not feel comfortable with me as I was a bit harsh than they were. Unlike her, who has a high patience while befriending with me. She never scolded me but she talked to me politely if I did

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