Personal Narrative: Homelessness In Afghanistan

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It was time. Mom was bawling her eyes out and dad was trying to keep a straight face. I was a nervous wreck, shaking as I boarded the aircraft. The hardest goodbye yet. I wasn’t expecting to cry when the closed the hatch to the plane, but I shed a few tears. I quickly wiped them away so the boys wouldn’t see. I fell asleep to hopefully block out the terrible thoughts I had running through my mind about upcoming events. We were all terrified when we finally landed in Afghanistan, but no one showed it. We quickly went to work. Everyday I was presented with new sights. I was a gunman so I walked through and saw some tremendous things. Abandoned places, remnants of old buildings that were blown up by bombs, and many homeless people who were stranded …show more content…

My heart yearned out for them, but I knew we had to keep moving. Not 10 seconds later we saw the enemies and we started war. There was bullets flying everywhere. I was on the end of the line and if I would have moved a hair to the left I would’ve been pelted with a sheet of bullets. One of the enemies threw a foreign looking object over to our base. Exactly 10 seconds after it contact with the sand beneath us, it exploded. The little kids were standing right beside our base, looking for shelter. In those split 10 seconds I had, I had to make a move to protect those kids. So I threw my body over the kids. The bomb was about ten feet away from us. When it went off, My entire body felt numb, I couldn’t feel anything. I blacked out. I was going in and out of consciousness. Before I went out for good I looked down at my feet and saw that my legs were gone and I had pieces of metal in my …show more content…

She said yes of course. We were made for eachother. Our wedding wasn’t very big but it was what she wanted. It was my mom and a few friends and a couple of her family members and friends. It was a very peaceful day. My mom was so proud of me. She told me that dad would have been so so proud. We moved to a log cabin by a river. It had a beautiful view. It was perfect for the kids we were planning to adopt. We went to St. Mary Jo’s Orphanage and signed for the two kids that I saved, Sybrina and Abia. Sybrina was 4 and Abia was 5. They seemed very happy that they were going to be living with us. It took about 6 months before the adoption to go through. When the adoption was finally accepted they came to live in the cabin with us. It took them a couple of months to adjust to the new surroundings but they seemed very happy after. There wasn’t a day that I went by that I thought about my father. Somedays I would go out on the lake and just think about him. I had his letters framed in my hallway. My mom would call every once and awhile to check up on us. She only lived about 2 miles away from the house so we went over there all the time to eat dinner with her. The kids loved her and she loved the kids. So me and Sarah would leave them over there and go do something together. We were living a happy

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