World War 1 Trench Diary Essay

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On July 5th, 1914 I was drafted into the army. I went to the airport to get on a plane to fly to europe. When I arrived on July 8th, 1914, I went to go speak with the general on what my position and where I would be fighting in the war. General Douglas told my i'm on the front line and will be the first to fight, and i will be holding a Lee-enfield, which is a service rifle. He told me were I will be sleeping for the next few weeks until the war starts. I was walking to my tent then someone called out at me. I looked over and he introduced himself as James wilson the third. He told me i would be fighting with him on the frontline. After I had talked to him for at least ten minutes I went to my tent and went to sleep.
It is July 20th, 1914. I got the uniform I will be fighting in and my gun. We got told where we would be stationed. It is now July 27, 1914 We have arrived in the trenches. It is raining outside right now. I don't see a pinch of grass. All i see is mud AA guns Mortar weapons. Everything you could imagine on a battlefield. I was eating dinner in a trench bunker i got my food and sat next to James. He asked if i was ready for the war to start. He also added if i was scared to die. I replied no. and said I was ready to fight on the battlefield. I
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We are far past the front line. We are in the enemy's trench throwing either mustard gas, shooting any german we see, or just throwing grenades. Tanks are blowing up german infantry weapons, and german tanks. Are AA guns are blowing german bombers and fighters out of the sky. With James Wilson by my side we made it through this war together. James was a nice man. He is fearless. And will put himself in front of a bullet for any on els. November 11, 1918 the allies have won the war. Returning home i got a purple heart, and a few other awards. James and I went are separate ways after the war. To this day i wonder if i will ever meet him
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