Personal Narrative: Homemade Cookies

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All I have to do is add some flour and egg, mix, put it in the oven and done. I dumped some flour and 3 eggs in a board. Turns out I added too much flour. The dough was all flakey and dry. So I added more eggs. I added a little too much so I added more flour. But I added too much of that, too. I gave up. Why was baking so hard? So I read a recipe for bread and carefully measured out the flour and added some eggs and milk. It turned out to be perfect sought and I put in in the oven. I was reading when I smelled something burning. It was the bread. I tried again and successfully baked it, but it wasn 't bread. I checked online and it turned out that I mended to add yeast and let it rise. When I made a full loaf, I ate a little. It was delicious. I want to practice making more things.
I want to try to make cookies. Cookies are my favorite. Especially sugar cookies. So I followed the instructions and mixed the dough …show more content…

Kimchi is fermented cabbage and other vegetables in spicy sauce. I put some rice in the rice cooker and added some water. When the rice was done, it was all dry, so I added some water, mixed it, and put it in the rice cooker for about ten minutes. When the rice was finished, I put all of it into a frying pan. I added some kimchi and then stir fried it. When I made the eggs, I had to get some help from my mom. I sprayed the pan with lots and lots of oil. I the crack the eggs. I got a couple pieces of shell in their. It was really hard to fish out. My mom told me to make sure that the whites were cooked. When I finished, I laid out this course for me and my mom. The appetizer was the bread that I made with butter. The eggs and kimchi fried rice as the entree. Then we finished the meal with the cookies. It was delicious. The bread was soft and fluffy, the kimchi fried rice was very moist and flavorful, and the cookies, were warmed up to be toasty and soft. Now, What should I make for

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