Personal Narrative: I Am A Track Star

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People say running track is hard, try having polio some of your life and being a track, you can run as fast as you can but you 're still not going to catch me because i’m Wilma Rudolph!!!

My name is Wilma Rudolph and i’m a track star . I was born JUne 23,1940. I was born in Tennessee. My dad’s name is Ed Rudolph and he had 11 children his first marriage and his second marriage he had 8 more. My moms name is Blanche Rudolph and she was a housemaid.

First off, Have you ever had a disease for some of your life then became a track star? Well i have if you say you can 't do it your just being lazy! My whole story of back when i had a disease all started when i was born. When I was born I was born a premature baby and often got sick throughout my life. When i started getting really sick i went to the hospital and I stopped getting sick. I survived my illness. After i wasn 't getting sick anymore i got polio a virus that can may cause you to be paralyzed. I conquered that disability from going to physical therapy. My childhood was rough but with a lot of strength from my family i got through it.
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My whole career first started from a sport called basketball. I was in 7th grade and we were aloud to do sports so i decided to be like my sister Yvonne and tryout for the team. When i tried out for the team i found out I didn’t make the team and i was kind of bummed, but when my Dad found out he told the coach that “ either Wilma and Yvonne join the team together or neither of them will’ and then we both were on the team. Basketball season went great if we were winning by a lot the coach would put me in only for a minute though. After basketball season was over the coach asked all the basketball players to try out for track and so I
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