Personal Narrative: James Edward Nathan

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James Edward Nathan, better known as “48 Jay”, was my friend, homeboy, road dog, and more than anything my brother. At certain times I just sit and reminisce about the good and bad times we had with one another. Sometimes we fought one another and fought people, rode bikes in the neighborhood and drove around the city. There are so many things I miss about him. As children we grew up together playing basketball and baseball. In the fall we had games every Saturday morning, so James would bring a bag and stay the night at my house. We would have so much fun by being involved in outdoor activities. Some days we would have basketball tournaments in the neighborhood, play football, or even play a quick game of baseball with a tennis ball. When James would spend the night we would stay up late calling girls on three way off the house phone. I swear we had several good times together. All throughout high school as we grew older, James started to get in trouble. He also was introduced to the streets. After getting in trouble and kicked out of school, his mother …show more content…

The school he used to attend was playing their rival, it had the same tension in the air as a NBA game. We walked in the game acknowledging our friends then found a seat. When halftime came around, we got up and went to the canteen. A police officer that worked at the school recognized James and started speed walking over to us. The officer grabbed James arm with lots of force and yelled “Get out, you’re not allowed on this property”. I told the officer “Hey officer look at how you squeezing his arm”. He gave me a mug and continued to tell my friend to get out. James asked the officer “Am I going to get my money back?” The officer exclaimed “No,”! In my head I was thinking, man this is messed up. James yelled out to me “Corey meet me outside when the game is over”. I was frustrated so I left immediately and we went to

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