Personal Narrative: League Of Legends

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I saw the world differently after having played League of Legends. League of Legends has taught me that every player has their own reason to do what they do on the battlefield and I related this to real life. Before I began to play League of Legends, I was quiet and timid due to bullying. The Principle of Charity showed me that there was a reason for everything. I became a more understanding person, believing that he or she had a reason to do what they must and because of that, I forgave people more easily. Understanding to forgive helped me break down a few walls that I have built from being bullied and helped me become more social. I have gained many dear friends by letting go of the past and becoming more rational and for that, I love to…show more content…
The champion whom I play the most as support is Blitzcrack. Blitzcrack’s moral to protect his teammates makes him stronger and I see myself becoming stronger as I learn to open my heart to other in need of my help. Sometimes my team members would rush into the enemies base and ends up running away with little to no health left. Most players would see the act as stupidity, but I see it as an ally who wants to charge and destroy the enemy from hurting his allies because of the Principle of Charity. As the support role, I would help my teammates to survive as they charge into the enemy base. I feel a connection between Blitzcrack and myself because I enjoy helping my friends and becoming their backbone whenever they are in need of help, as Blitzcrack does with his teammates. I was most of my friend’s therapist, whenever they are having personal problems or school problems, they always came to me to ask for advice or to let some steam off. I believe Blitzcrack and I both have similar purposes and are both motivated to aid others when they are in need because it is our role as a team member, as a friend, and as an ally. Therefore, I enjoy playing Blitzcrack as my champion on League of Legends because he reflects on who I am. League of Legends is an exhilarating game that taught me reasoning. I used that reasoning and applied it to real life, which lead me to who I am today. The only difference between League

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