My Experience In High School-Personal Narrative

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Narrative: I moved to Kansas City, Kansas seven years ago. It all started when I was in 6th grade with these girls. I was a different race then them. They thought it would be cool to mess and try to get rid of the white girl. One day, they decided to try everything they possibly can to get me kicked out. It was the day of gym. There was basketballs and volleyballs. As far as in the corner it could be, there was tetherball. I thought it would be fun to go and join them. Try and make friends, but it was not like that for them. The ball came around to the girls’ side and Boom. My face was bloody as it ever could be. My glasses were thrown off my face, my eyes were starting to bruise and finally, I could barely see out of my eyes. It went on for weeks after weeks. The next time, Jasmine tried to push me down, but instead my hand got caught in the gym door and skin was ripped off. I still have the scar to prove it. The scar has never left my hand and it reminds me of how much I was never wanted in the world. A few times after that day, she tried to get me suspended repeatedly using the same story. She kept telling the story but to different principals at the school. After the third time she tried they told her just to stop trying nothing was going to work. The first girl decide was going to try more. Her name was Karla. Karla, was the meanest girl on earth. The …show more content…

I never thought about society seeing people the way it does today or back then. Turns out, I never knew there was other races besides white and black growing up because I was so isolated. Just because I was different then those girls, I was treated different every day. As of today, I am still treated differently whether I have an accent, how I dress, how I live, where I live etc. Growing up, I was considered white trash and to this day I am still not the biggest fan of that

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