Mexican Stereotypes

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The way we define ourselves and others varies upon how you view the person. Stereotypes are ideas or images a person has and places them upon other people they believe fit that category. I have been stereotyped many times and gave it no thought because I saw myself as a Mexican. I was always told that I was a Mexican. Throughout my life I was stereotyped. At a young age by being called a “guera” meaning a white girl or light haired girl. I have been called this by relatives and family friends. Even the man selling corn that walks through the street with his cart in the afternoon identifies me as this. I thought that I was special, because I didn’t “look” the way Mexicans were considered to look. I have been told by friends that I can pass as …show more content…

That day I had decided to let my hair down. my hair is naturally curly That same day the guy asked me if my hair was naturally like that and I said yes because it was. That’s when he asked me if I was black. I wasn’t that surprised because my family would joke about that with me. So being me, I decided to say yes that my dad was black and my mom is Mexican. The reason I said my dad was black was because my mom will sometimes pick me up before the bus. So I took precautions to be on the safe side. From that point he stepped aside just a bit. And gave a surprised reaction by saying, whoa. This made me think that having a black father meant that he was protective but then I thought, most fathers are like that. Making me assume he believed that my father being black meant violence and aggression. as a warning of not to say anything or do something hurtful to me.Not only have I been stereotyped by my physical features but also by my environment. In this case the place I called home. My home was in Inglewood close to the Forum. Because I said I lived there that meant I was definitely related to someone who was African American or Mexican and had to be ghetto. So when I spoke about my home or was ever brought up. Many people were surprised as they didn’t see me ghetto. Another stereotype was if there were any gang violence and what “side” I was

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