Basketball Court Research Paper

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Basketball court
I was at my dads house and he bought us one week subscription to the brick which is a
Basketball court and a swimming area. We had to walk every day, go across streets and
And almost get ran over. And on are way over there we would stop by kfc. And after a
Mile of walking, we would be there.
When we got to the brick we scaned are cards. And we went to the gym and there are
Two sides one for daycare kids , and one for people to play basketball , so the other court
Was open, so me and my brother went to that court because it was less crowded.
So we played for about an hour, and then the daycare kids came in, so , so me and my brother
Where kicked off that court. Me and my …show more content…

And then my brother tried making it, and he hit the rim of the basket.And the ball
Went flying to the other court with the daycare kids in it. And the daycare kids where
Playing red light green light. And my brother made me get the ball so I ran to get it and
All the kids trampled me.
At the time I had no idea they where playing a game, I thought they where
Talking about life. I fell on my knees and this one kid went flying over me.
And this one kid tripped over the kid that went flying over me. And everyone and there
Mama 's where looking at me. I was so embarrassed. So me and my brother went back
To the other court, we played for about a another hour or so before we went back home.
On our way home we stopped by Walmart and got some Gatorade. And then we
Where on are way home. I took a four hour nap and then ate some wings. Then I woke up
And we went to go ride our bikes. Me and my brother went down this steep hill, and I
Body slammed the ground, I was bleeding and I was bruised up. And this one dude was
Looking at me has I was falling, I was yet again embarrassed. Then we went to a

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