Personal Narrative: Moving To San Luis, Arizona

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Hello my name is Johanth, I was born in San luis Rio Colorado, Sonora. At the age of 6 I was enough fortunate to move to San Luis, Arizona. Since a young age I’ve been very successful in mathematics. I’ve gone to cty at Seattle University and Roger Williams University. Also, I am a car enthusiast I love and enjoy learning and knowing specs about new cars, all types, from sedans to hypercars. I have the dream to sometime owning a GTR. Everyday I enjoy reading and watching videos about the latest gadgets, watching the television, going to the gym and much more. My personal goals are to one day to have a job that has to do with technology or cars and to graduate from university, and owning my dream car. I love all type of sports and traveling adventures. To begin with, as you may know San Luis, Arizona is mainly known for its hot …show more content…

I usually cross the border once a week to go and visit my family. Going to Mexico is easy but coming in to San Luis, Arizona you have to show your passport in order to pass so it is possible to last about 3 hours to cross, but there is something called Sentri which is much faster than the normal line. Overall It is amazing living here because you are not stuck into the same place all the time. Also, you get to visit two very different places whenever you want which is always appreciated. In addition, living close to Mexico causes Mexican cultures to be celebrated here in San luis, Az too. For example, about 90 percent of the resident here speak english and about 45 percent of them are bilingual . Another culture followed in San Luis, Az is music, for example, music is something drastically different which is mainly corridos & banda. Our dances are very unique there are in the top 20 worldwide. That is because of its creativeness and movement and its beautiful, colorful, and pure dresses made with incredible

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