Personal Narrative: My Brother Vs. Doodle

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Even trough thus far the brother has been selfish about his beliefs he is not all bad. Both the brother and Doodle go down to the swamp and play around. To me even trough the brother is gaining from it, i believe that Doodle is gaining even more. The brothers plan to teach Doodle how to climb, swim, fight, and run before the start of school is bittersweet. Having Doodle learn how to do all of those things would be great for Doodle since I doubt that Doodle likes being crippled. Both of them want a normal Doodle. Even though the brother goes down to the swamp for for himself and not Doodle it is still a nice thing to do for Doodle. Now for the start of a tragedy. The brother is walking fast than usual and Doodle has a hard time keeping up. So much so that Doodles face turns to a very pale white. Why is the brother walking so fast? Well I believe that it is that the brother wants to finish his program before the start of school. This motivates the brother to take even more drastic measures to make it where he is not known as the child with a crippled brother. He wants to mask Doodles disabilities.…show more content…
The brother leaves Doodle behind. The brother does this since he wants doodle to take care of himself. He wants to make it where he can do what he wants to do and this is his way of saying that Doodle needs to overcome his disabilities. Then As the brother walks back he finds Doodle dead. This was a story about what horrible greed can do. Not the type of greed for money, but greed for how you want things to be. It was a mistake to have the brother ever take care of Doodle, even if he was kind the brother had a cold heart. The brother will wanting to be kind was as selfish as selfish could be. In short the brother in Scarlet ibis was kind for the wrong
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