Personal Narrative: My Dream: A Journey To Another World

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“Hani! TURN BACK RIGHT NOW!” My mom raised her voice then screamed through the front door as her face reddened by irritation. But that was my last chance. I had to flee away to achieve my dream, becoming a singer. When I was seven, my dad brought home a television from his oversea business trip. As I explored all the channels it had, I was fascinated in a music video. I couldn’t take my eyes off the singer. Her confident moves, powerful voice, and charming smile were memorized in my head. From that day, I nurtured a dream to grow into a successful singer. However, my mom and dad were extremely strict, and they had prejudice against people who worked in entertainment industry. I knew I must hide it from my parents or they would destroy it…show more content…
I started saving money, packing stuffs and searching an accomodation after leaving this house. I furtively tracked all the bus schedule, and finally, my plan was fully made. Early in the morning, when the sun just gleamed a bit in the sky, I carried my heavy loads and carefully cascaded the stairs. Unfortunately, I tripped over and dropped a bag. It made a noise big enough to wake up my parents. I tried to collect scattered stuffs and headed to the door. Threateningly, I heard a voice from upstairs yelling my name out. Being aware of they would stop me, I took a deep breath and bolted to the bus station. The reality wasn’t always the same as people’s imagination. Leaving parents’ embraces meant I had to become more independent and self-sufficient. I applied for three to four part-time jobs to pay the fees of rental, transportation, and food. And I also needed to find auditions from entertaining companies, so I could fulfill my dream. The grueling schedule and difficulties of living in a totally strange place exhausted me in every minute and second. After a tiring day, when I got home, covering myself in the blanket, all I could do were shedding tears and feeling powerless. There were some moments, I desired to return home and apologize my parents for this ebullience. But that was what I chose, and I would face it fearlessly to show my parents that I could accomplish…show more content…
I was admitted to a famous company and became their trainee. Nevertheless, to perform on the stage, I needed to be trained severely and went on a horrible diet. It turned to be harder everyday. But imagining myself on stage, being applauded by thousand of fan made me motivated. Subsequently, I asked the manager to allow me to perform at a stage with the singers in the same company. Luckily, the timing was right; he agreed with a condition that I only could sing no more than three minutes. For me, the permission from him was just like once in a lifetime chance. I was occupied in preparing a song that could impress on audiences’ memory; besides, I also intensified the practise. Since I left, I tried to contact my parents for the first time. I wanted to show them a new image of me, a different and better me. My hand was shivering along the time I talked to them, Meanwhile, I retrained my sobs because I didn’t want them to see my weakness. I literally begged them to come to the

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