Personal Narrative: My Everlasting Quest

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My Everlasting Quest I am a child of immigrant parents, although we are not the wealthiest and they may have had struggles when moving to Canada, my life has been great so far with the efforts of my family. It all began when I was born in Ottawa, at the civic hospital on May 12 2001. My full name is Morgan Lee Khai Chau. My parents come from Vietnam, they immigrated to Canada around the 1900s because of all the violence going around in their home country, they also wanted a better life and future for themselves and their families. My family is made up of my parents, my older brother and my older sister. My first language was Cantonese because my parents spoke it, but since my brother and sister spoke english pretty well at the time, …show more content…

Also we did not travel much because we could not afford much tickets to travel to places, so most of my life was spent in Canada, more specifically Ottawa. I started school at Cambridge public school on September 2006. I did not have much friends in kindergarten because I was a quiet kid, and I still am to this day. I still made it through kindergarten with little to no friends, because when I went home I knew I can play with my brother or sister. After the first month of starting kindergarten, my life had probably one of the biggest events that had happen to me. One night around 1:30 am my father woke up my family yelling, screaming that there was a fire in our house and that we had to leave. I was around five or six at the time so I did not know how to react. All I remember is that my parents kept yelling that we had to evacuate and get out as quickly as possible. Fortunately no one in my family got hurt, we did end up losing a lot of items though. After the fire incident we had to stay at a shelter for a couple of weeks, until we moved in with my …show more content…

I was always a very active kid, I liked running around and just having fun. So in grade seven a couple of friends told me to do track and field because they thought I was a fast sprinter, but I didn't really believe them until I tried out for the team and made a spot for the 100 meter sprint and the 4x100 meter relay sprint. On the race day I ran the 100 meter race and came second with a time of 13.10 seconds. I was proud of my time and place because it was the very first official race that I ran in. As for the relay race we came first with a couple of seconds to spare. In grade eight I joined a track and field, outside of school called Ottawa Lions, and it was great while it lasted but I quit the club because it was too expensive my parents told me. So after middle school I came to Glebe collegiate institute. It was very scary at first, but then I joined the football team as a freshman and I met a lot of new people. I was one of the few freshmans that got to play in a varsity football team, and since I was under 100 pounds and the shortest guy on the team, II was very proud for myself. But one day during football practice I felt a tear in my left calf so I stopped playing football, and I could barely walk. Luckly it was just a minor muscle sprain in my calf, so I could not walk properly for one month. Since then I stopped doing any sports or intense physical activities,

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