Personal Narrative: My Experience At Radford University

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I have now been on the Radford University campus for seven days. I cannot say these seven days have been the best of my life, but I assume they could have gone much worse. I believe to some extent that everything in life happens for a reason. My being here is no exception to that; I simply need to discover what that reason may be. Looking to the past I can see how certain experiences such as successful and failed attempts at communication, in addition to guidance from a teacher that I respect and admire, culminated in my being here at this moment. I cannot see as clearly into the future, but I am excited about what it may bring. Simply stated, I hope it turns out okay. I have always considered myself a strong writer. With that said, one instance stands out in my mind in which I successfully communicated in writing. I …show more content…

Princeton was the only college that my heart truly desired to attend. Most of the other colleges I was accepted to had the tuition price of a new Corvette, so after a long and painful deliberation, I decided that Radford would be the best return for my investment. My high school Business Law teacher, Daniel Dolewski, whole-heartedly supported my decision and encouraged me to take this route to save money that I can apply to law school. He was a lawyer for years before becoming a teacher, so he had very valuable input for the situation. He believes in me and has so much faith that the situation will end positively, so I am starting to believe that as well. Successes, failures, and influences of special people resulted in me being a student at Radford University. Although this wasn’t my first choice for college, I am still excited about what the future has in store. I am most excited about the opportunity to be my own person and make decisions about my life independently from my parents. I think that is what this step in life is all

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