Personal Narrative: My Grade In This Class

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My grade in this class last semester was a C and it wasn’t sufficient. If I had done my work correctly, on time, and complete I know I could’ve got a better grade. Doing a sport is what made my semester difficult, I didn’t use my time wisely and have a schedule set for school and playing a sport. I could’ve stayed after school or stayed in from lunch to help me catch up on my work, but instead I decided to go out to lunch and spend time with my friends. If i truly wanted a better grade and GPA i would’ve shown how much i wanted it by giving more effort. This semester, I would like to start over new so I can try harder to attain a better GPA and a good grade in this class. I do plan on trying out for a softball this semester and if I do make it on the team I …show more content…

Hannah. Asking around my peer group helped little, but asking Mr. Hannah and staying after school would’ve been the best option. When in a class, we can’t always ask all the questions we have about our assignment because we’re confused since there’s more students that also need help. Therefore, staying after school or during lunch to ask those questions with the teacher can certainly help. Even if staying in a class or the library, just to complete the homework because we know we’ll get distracted at home or even just to complete it to get it out of the way to have more time to complete other assignments. I regret not doing staying in class after school to ask This semester I plan on giving my best effort, turn my work in complete and on time, find a way that is fitting for me to help study for tests, and not slack off. My winter break was great. Sleeping in was always the best, but also my two favorite things I enjoyed the most during the break was going to 3 Rivers and spending time with my family. Things that i didn’t enjoy about break was when it was over and having too much time throughout the

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