Personal Narrative: Anything Less Than An A

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In my life, I have not faced many obstacles. I have not been disowned from my family, like Luma, or experienced war and famine, like the Fugees. I have one obstacle, that could be a considered an obstacle, and it is a mental one. When I was a child and now, I have always had the idea in my head that anything less than an A is bad. Anything less than an A would make me sad, make me burst into tears, be really anxious, or stressed. These might seem little and unimportant struggles compared to the struggles of the players, but his is still an obstacle I am jumping over. I can say I have realized that anything less than an A is not bad and I have noticed its purpose, to push me to try harder. Luma might not have had this same idea or ideal in her head, but she had high expectations for herself and later in life, for her players. Her coach in middle school put these expectations on her to be a good volleyball player. Luma eventually got it, why her coach was hard on her and worked harder. Then as she grew older Luma put…show more content…
My parents never put a pressure on me to made good grades. My dad expected it and has put pressure, but I have ignored it. My mom thinks that I do well whatever my grade is. My brain is wired that way. My obstacle is not a short one or one that has ended, but I one that is ongoing. I would like to say that I am successful in overcoming it. I still think like that but not to the extent when I was younger. Last year my advisor, Ms. Halicki, helped me overcome it slowly. She helped me believe in a B being a good grade. She was very helpful in this obstacle and made me feel better about some less than A grades from 7th and 8th grade. My “obstacle” does not matter that much to others or is more important than others. It is an internal obstacle and compared to the external obstacles of others it is miniscule, but to me it is relatively large and is important to me. OU Journal #2
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