Personal Narrative: My Gymnastics

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One day I was at my gymnastics meet, it had lots of equipment pushed and stacked against the walls. I had my Leotard on that had ¾ inch sleeves and lots of sparkles and I love the sparkles. My mom was the loudest one in the stands. “GO LILY!” The scoring system is complicated because the highest score you can receive is a 10.0 and that is literally perfect if the judge can’t see anything wrong. The closest I have come to a 10.0 is a 9.5 which is amazing for only being in level 4 and of course, as you experience higher levels you will also experience much harder skills. I was on vault, which is one of the easiest events and the vault runway was right next to the stands. I waited and the judge waved her green flag so I saluted and set up to go. I …show more content…

Everyone on my team finished bars, then we went to beam. A four inches thick and three feet high scares a lot of people except gymnasts. Warming up people follow me because I have been there longer. We are anxious to compete and everyone hates beam because they fall off really fast, but the beam is my favorite because I don’t fall and I always earn good scores. So I’m close to up so I’m on deck warming up all my main skills. I’m waiting for the judge to wave his arm so I can start. He waves and I salute back so I can start to show off my favorite skills I through my routine without wobbling once and I got the score I was waiting for the entire meet a 9.25. That is why I love beam because I am amazing at it. Then it wa off to the floor the hardest event because it puts so much pressure on your body and mental pressure. We were warming up and everyone was doing great for their tumbling passes, turns, and dancing. Everyone on my team was before me which means I was the last one on my team to go which gives me more pressure to do great since I got to watch every routine over and over. I loved floor because it is

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