Personal Narrative: My Journey Back To The United States

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Throughout the history of mankind, many people have wished for the ability to travel back in time. There are countless historical events that I would want to travel back to, from world wars, incredible inventions and to major sporting events. Everyone would use this opportunity differently, but I would travel back to the early 1900’s to live through the major moments that occurred in the United States. The two world wars have always fascinated me from a very young age, and I always appreciate opportunities to learn more about them. History classes, books, and movies have given me information over the years, but it has never seemed to be enough for me. I always find myself longing for more information and details of what those brave men went through each day. Several family members of mine have been overseas, however they don 't always want to share their experiences. In the early 1900’s, The Wright Brothers had one of the most impactful breakthroughs, when they had their first successful flight in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina. …show more content…

It was held in Athens, Greece with only 241 athletes competing from 14 nations. In comparison to the most recent Olympics, which was held in Rio, Brazil, which had over eleven thousand athletes from over 200 nations. After seeing several olympics throughout my lifespan, I 've always wondered how different they were over 100 years ago. I have read many articles and stories about the change of athletes over the years and the numbers are fascinating. The development of speed, strength and size of the modern day athletes are incredible. Many world records from the early 1900s would not even guarantee an athlete a spot in the games. To witness the change in those athletes would be an unbelievable experience, and to see how far the athletes of today have changed over the

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