Personal Narrative: My Response To Governor's School

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Governor’s School Essay Response Ever since I was young you could always find me toying around with objects trying to figure out how they worked. Taking them apart, studying them, and then reconstructing them back together was a usual past time for me. Looking back I realized that all of the time I spent on learning how something worked was the foundation that flourished into my passion for engineering. My interests in technology did not come until later in my life; when I attended my first engineering and technology workshop. Back in the summer of 2012 I was accepted into the Rowan University’s Boys Engineering, Science, and Technology (BEST) Program. Throughout the event I was in awe and fascinated by what engineering had to offer. We built bottle rockets and constructed penny bridges, but what stood out to me the most was the hands on experience with computer programming. Our task was to create a calculator with the resources we were provided. Being thrown into something I have never experienced before was a learning curve, but eventually I was able to program my calculator to compute 2+2. It might seem elementary now, but to me this experience was the spark that hooked me into the world of technology. Building on my BEST experience, I continued looking for opportunities and …show more content…

I am very grateful for all of my past opportunities and experiences I had within the fields of engineering and technology. If I am fortunate enough to get accepted into this program, I would leverage these experiences and my passion to strengthen my engineering skill-set and deepen my understanding of STEM. Every day my engineering and technology interests continue to grow, whether it’s from a TV commercial from General Electric or a lesson from my Computer Aided Design (CAD) class. It is for these reasons that I believe I would be a great participant for the Engineering and Technology Governor’s

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