Personal Narrative: My Education In The Unite States

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The education in the Unite States is famous in the world. Cause this reason, most of the parent hope they can send their child to studying in the states. This is why I am here studying in the Houston, Texas. I came to clear Lake when I was 16 years old; I was studying in the high school that supports house family for international student. First day in the other country supposed to be joy. Unfortunately, I did not feel any joy in that day. My first day in the states made me feel nervous, lonely and homesick. I am the international student form Taiwan; my native language is Chinese. I started to feel nervous when I got out the airport. Everything I saw in my eyes was English, and I feel everything is different from my home country. I afraid to lost myself in other country I do not know; I do not even know how to call the police or ask some one to help me when I get in trouble. I did not feel better even thought my house family pick me up; the unfamiliar make me feel worth. I cannot talk in that moment; I am so scare when they are trying to communicate with me. I feel so nervous when they cannot understand what I am trying to say. I try to clam down on the way to the school. Unfortunately, I still feel chaos. Everything is too new for me. When they drop me in the school, the feeling got worthier. …show more content…

I feel nervous when I going to introduce myself in front of everyone. After introducing myself, I just realize that I do not know how to make friend with other in English. I am so shy and scare to speak in other language. Caused this reason, I start feel lonely in every class. I do not have any one to communicate with. The situation is going worthier after few classes. Usually I feel worth when teacher trying to let us work together. There is no one wanted to group up with me in first day and I cannot even communicate with them, I just feel like I am dumb in that moment. I never forgot this feeling in my

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