Personal Narrative: My Trip To El Salvador

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Going through every security checks and bag checks, I anxiously waited until it was my turn. There were thousands of people standing at the baggage claim waiting to claim their luggage and others were rushing to the gate to catch their flight. I happened to be one of those people. Sitting in the cold lounge, waiting for my flight to El Salvador to arrive, all I could think about was my mother’s last words before she said goodbye.

Her exact words were “I promise, I will be there soon.” Maria Morales- my mother did not come to El Salvador until eleven months later. Not having my mother by my side, I was forced to develop a self reliant mentality. For the past three months, I told myself she would be with me soon, yet a phone call once a week is the only thing we would receive from her. At age eleven, I was learning how to trust myself rather than, my own mother and every day, I still manage to keep a smile on my face until the night of her birthday. I sat on my aunt’s bed, hoping she would be the one to knock on the door, but I remember she was still in the United States working …show more content…

We were frequently relocating from house to house and I could never permanently call a place “my home.” I had to share a room with my brother and sister and every morning, at six o’clock I woke up to do chores. I was constantly cleaning the bathroom, washing the dishes and folding clothes and at school, no matter how hard I tried, I struggled to understand the teachers. People regularly asked where my mother was, which made question if she was ever coming back for me. Every Thursdays, my siblings and I each had at least ten minutes to speak with her and when it was my turn, I heard her peaceful voice, almost as if she was right next to me. Just when I thought I lost hope, she would say she was coming soon, but when time ran out, all my feelings of hopelessness came back. I felt almost as if I had lost something I never

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