Personal Narrative: My Trip To The California Museum

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Over thanksgiving break, my friend and I decided to go visit the California Museum near downtown. After we purchased our entrance, the first thing that caught my eye was the live size bear in front of the museum. This was my first time at that specific museum so it caught my eye more than my friend. Since he has been there already, he showed me around and we went outside to see the giant Constitution Wall. The wall was also fascinating because it was huge and it had phrases from the California Constitution. When I first saw the wall and read the phrases I thought it was from the U.S Constitution but my friend soon pointed out that it was from the state constitution . It included phrases such as “without discrimination” “liberty” and “every person”. However, we decided to focus on the “Power of the People: Voting in California” exhibit. This exhibit was to show how voting has genuinely improved over the years and how it affects California. It featured several methods of voting used and voting reforms.…show more content…
A piece that caught my eye was the different type of voting machines they showed and how it got “simpler” to vote. There were metal containers where you put your vote in, a “room” where it has switches that you moved according to your preference. Now the most modern way to vote is by using computers and it 's interesting how much the voting process has changed over the years and it makes me wonder what will be the next form of voting. I never knew that the voting process changed and I assumed voting was going in a little room and filling one sheet of paper with check marks and that was
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