Personal Narrative: My Writing Experience

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My writing experience started two years ago when I was introduced to Information technology assignments by a friend. I was introduced to basics or writing skills which I know I have sharpened till today. Also, I have grasped all the writing styles including APA, MLA, Chicago and Harvard. The most important thing is that I have acquired an effective research ability a fact that is attributed to the experience I have had on different academic databases and sources such as EBSCO, Google scholar, ProQuest as well as proper use of keywords.
Since then I have worked with where I have managed to gain experience in different fields of study including Information systems, computer science, human resource, sociology, nursing and history. …show more content…

Education is very important since it ensures people acquire skills and tools necessary to navigate the world while making it a better place. Lack of education implies that we are not able to write, read, communicate, and calculate appropriately.
In that case, it facilitates equality whereby the only way we can see the world as fair and just is by having equal opportunities. Education is an essential aspect in ensuring that there are no differences in the society in terms of gender and classes in which case, it opens the whole world to equal opportunities for people of all kinds in term of jobs and life style.
Furthermore, education is a basis of confidence in the society. Everybody is expected to attend school in the society and attaining a degree is a proof that one possesses knowledge. Thus, with knowledge you stand a good chance of being hard as well as being taken as a serious member of the society.
In my opinion, education is a very important aspect in society. Not only does it make one a respectable member of the society but also improves our living standards and makes us independent in the

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