Personal Narrative: Naval Special Warfare

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Imagine being in the macho world of Naval Special Warfare. Everyone around you is an alpha type, overachieving, competitive, intelligent, and rugged. I loved every minute of it. This is the world in which I lived for years, until I was injured and could no longer participate with my brothers and sisters. However, my injury opened my eyes to other ways that I could serve my country and its people. I was a Petty Officer Second Class at Naval Special Warfare Group ONE Mobile Communications Team. The team is highly technical, as they mainly set up communications in support of missions. While we were at home in Coronado, CA, I was training for an Iron-man triathlon competition, and I took a dive over my bicycle handlebars. This left both …show more content…

My GPA from that time is poor, however after joining I found discipline and the drive to succeed. I had also struggled with my weight before joining the military, thus I was part of the growing statistics of overweight Americans. I was young and simply didn’t care about the damage that I was doing to my body. All of this changed for me when I was demanded to give 100% in everything I did, and I was forced to re-evaluate my habits. With this in mind, I am hoping to pursue a Bachelor of Arts degree in Public Health at the University of Washington, with a minor Nutrition. Eventually I want to pursue a Master’s in Public Health with a Nutritional Science focus, and ultimately a Registered Dietitian certification. This will allow me to become a Registered Dietitian officer in the United States Navy, which is an undeserved demographic for nutrition. This will also give me a way to give back to the community that made me who I am, to help sailors become healthier and live longer, and a way for me to help support my growing …show more content…

As mentioned earlier, I struggled with my weight for many years, and my mother struggles with obesity. So, I know from personal experience that there is more to nutrition and being healthy than simply knowing the science, and putting the correct things in to your body. I’m interested in the cultural background of America’s vast diversity of people. I feel that it is imperative that a nutritional counselor must understand and be sensitive of the socio-economic background of the person they are trying to reach. For example, does my patient have the financial means to follow through with my advice? Is the type of food or treatment I’m suggesting culturally acceptable to this client? The Bachelor of Arts selective courses appeal more to me with the vast selection of Health Promotion, Professional Leadership, and especially Social Justice. I truly believe that a BA in Public Health from the University of Washington is vital to my future. The degree will help prepare me for a position of leadership to help our nation’s service members become more productive, and healthier, which will allow them in turn to lead happier and more productive lives with their families. I expect the course work to be both demanding and rewarding, but I look forward to the

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