Personal Narrative: Lieutenant Commander Burmaster

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day to day operations that you do, but you certainly want your best person there, to me that means the most senior officer who was Lieutenant Commander Burmaster, there to be walking beside with the General to answer other questions that a First Class Petty Officer may not know. So, it’s just more of a strategic approach of how we look at customs and Burmaster would have more of that kind of information, then certainly a First Class Petty Officer would. Robert: So, in your mind, with the Generals visit, you would say and don’t allow me to put words in your mouth, but you would expect, if he is visiting a particular company, that the Commander of that company should be there? Captain Rink: Absolutely. And I would expect someone with the experience and understanding of how we need to …show more content…

I said, okay, I will give you that, I’ll give you the fact that, for whatever reason, you didn’t read the email that said stay put, do not go. I would expect him to be able to see the fact that we have a four star General coming through and think in his own mind and assess the situation, that so and so is coming through, they probably are going to walk through, they could walk through customs and indeed he did, I should be there to make and represent the command. I don’t really understand why he didn’t feel that was the case. Robert: So, all of these things in totality worked up to you issuing him this NIB lock, so how did that play, all of these things with the NIB lock, how did that play into, like his end of tour award. One of the things that he said was that you ordered the downgrade of his award because the awards boards approved him. He said it was submitted at a Navy Calm and the awards board approved it as an Army Calm because he already had a navy Calm and you ordered that be downgraded. Captain Rink: Right and I’m sorry, I did was to get to one other point on the NIB

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