The Importance Of Trust In The Military

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War has changed since the beginning of time and since history was recorded over 1 billion people have died just from violence. Learning from the past is how wars are changed. Kollege is power and learning from previous mistakes is the reason that wars are being fought differently. Then new thoughts of human life, and how to preserve them, have made trust crucial for a strong military. And even helping those who have fought find a way to deal with the horrors they experienced during their time serving our country. In reference to current to US military members it’s important to remember war has changed from the past, the fact that trust can change the battlefield and how the wars have lasting effects on people involved. The ways…show more content…
A strong faith in someone goes a long way. Robert George owner of Humansystems Incorporated says that, “the need to trust is seen as increasing in the presence of specific situational antecedents. Issues of trust come into play in situations that contain risk, vulnerability, uncertainty and interdependence.“ One of the strongest areas where risk, vulnerability and uncertainty lays is war. Here is what Tim Briggs says about trust and how it relates to war. “A lot of my job throughout the years has had the requirements of trust. Being able to trust your superiors, being able to trust the guy next to you, and being able to trust that your subordinates will complete the task at hand properly otherwise missions fail. Just like any job or large company you surround yourselves you want to immaculate.” Trust makes or breaks the strength of an army. But in any situation learning from those who trust others with there life can show how becoming a trustworthy person is vital to making this world a better…show more content…
In order to survive wars learning the necessary skills is vital. Young men and women serve to the death to defend their country they believe in. But soon the constant stress and pain of what they do and see catch up to them fast. Looking past the pain of the emotions they also learn different skill that a special for a person in the military. Tim briggs joined the Navy after high school because he did not want to attend college and he has learned skills he would not have learned anywhere else. He states that he learned and now teaches responsibility financially and personality. He also learned what a good leader is and how he can be one to the younger military members. He also specialised in technology which was what he loved to do. Finding a safe but beneficial outlite is what many young people find as they go into the military. KC Dixit thought, ”A man of character in peace is a man of courage in war. It is a moral quality which grows to maturity in peace and is not suddenly developed at the outbreak of war. War has no power to transform. It merely exaggerates the good and evil in us.” There are many downsides to war but having a program where young people can find some good in there life is priceless. In reference to current to US military members it’s important to remember war has changed from the past, the fact that trust can change the battlefield and how the

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