Personal Narrative: Tailor And The Store

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Tailor and the Store I imagine the tailor to be a very skinny lanky older man wearing a purple pianist coat that flows on the back as he leaps around his tiny store. He has a big crooked nose and sharp eyes, but when eye contact is initiated then the tailor’s eyes go soft and warm. The hazel color becomes a warm brown that draws you in and makes anything he says believable. The shop would be a lot like him very dark but makes you feel at home at the same time. Everything is a big contradiction between being creepy and making you feel safe, with a sense of mystery and wonder. The store would be a hole in the wall almost reminding you of something that you would read in a book like in harry potter. It would be something coming to life that you couldn’t think would actually be a possibility. Jacket I honestly can see my jacket being an …show more content…

New York City has always had my heart so I think a picture of the NYC skyline from the Williamsburg Bridge would do the trick. It incorporates different elements of the city such as the art that’s on the bridge along with the lovely architecture of the skyline and the river that separates the world of Manhattan and Brooklyn from each other. Just thinking of this inspires me, especially since this is a picture I have myself on my computer. Spending time in the different boroughs and getting a feel of how each one was a different world really inspired to look beyond what you see and try to find the story behind everything. That feeling translated into a lot of writing and just creating detailed stories of random people I would encounter while walking, riding the subway, etc. These stories were very bizarre at times and made no sense but it definitely worked in giving me great memories and lots of laughs for the ride or the walk that I was

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