Personal Narrative: Bartow

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With a grimacing look on my face and my hands numbed behind my back wrapped in tighten handcuffs , I was heading to Polk County jail.The blond haired spring-chicken rookie police officer missed the first turn but we were surely on our way towards Bartow ,Fl stopping 2 miles away we stopped at what he called a subdivision located in Inwood Florida prepared for the consequences, i held my head high walking into the rather redundant, freezing Shrieff’s office while I was being searched and stripped of my shoes and socks I noticed a rugged filth stench in the air gruesome like a middle school bathroom but it all honesty that was the very least of my worries.Afterwards I was put in a temporary cell with some fellow freshly booked inmates you could …show more content…

Even after that I had to endure another 2 hours of waiting. Later on , they escorted me into the back of a transporter van which I could tell dogs had recently or previously were put inside the van because it had that kind of emasculate smell of a dog’s fur. Considering the fact it was below 50 degrees, the officer driving the van insisted on not putting the heat on after denying our request forcing us to to dwell in the shivering winds brought upon us. Shortly following the drive we arrived at our destination now , the crud waiting game begun entering the facility vaguely it was as if depression itself was alive and inside the room my conscious went to wondering on like a tumbleweed in a old cowboy …show more content…

The room engulfed my nose a awful smell and looked atrocious with Bowel movements on the floor next to thr toilet and a musk in the room filled my nose with despair only because inmates had been in this place for days and haven’t took showers.They feed us a bologna sandwich with eggs and grape jelly a lot of the inmates didn’t eat it but I knew I had to keep my energy up. Face tattoos and deranged faces most of the guys there had been thru this process before as they stood around the very tight-spaced room like as if we wasn’t in a cell where we couldn’t tell time or see the

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