Supermax Inmates

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The past 25 years the numbers of prisoners who are held in solitary confinement has sky rocketed. State and federal prisons all have solitary confinement. Therefore, when an inmate acts out and tries to attack other inmates, and officers then they are put into an individual cell and are isolated from other individuals. One senator had said that the expansion of the use of solitary confinement is an issue. Supermax prisons hold inmates that are considered “the worst of the worst”. Prisoners that are in supermax prisons are isolated 23 hours out of the day. ADX-Florence Colorado has a law suit against them by fellow inmates. According to the speaker there are mentally ill patients who are not given drugs, counseling, and are held in conditions …show more content…

She describes an inmate screaming at the top of his lungs, and another inmate banging his head against the door. All of 128 beds are full in the psychiatric unit and there is also a waiting list. There are a variety of inmates that are not clothed properly and that are exposing themselves. In Pelican Bay the inmates are in an 8 by 8-foot cells that is made of all concrete with a desk and chair. The officer will push a button that will allow the inmate to go “outside” for an hour or hour and a half. Outside meant that the offender would be able to go to a concrete room that had a grate as a ceiling in which if you looked above your head you would be able to see the sky. Also, when you are done with that hour the officer will then press the button and you would walk back to your room. While walking back to their cell they would not have interacted with the officer, and other cells are made of steel and have holes the size of nickels, so they are not interacting with other offenders either. Consequently, three times a day the inmate’s food is slid underneath the door, and they would most likely not have any conversation either. From then on, she went to explain how she talked to many offenders who resided in Pelican Bay and they had told her that they hadn’t spoken to anybody in years. Finally, only one inmate was allowed out of their cell at a time despite if it was

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