Personal Reflection Of Urban Design

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I once sat under the large dome of Mumbai’s National Gallery of Modern Art, wondering what I would want on the walls if I was trapped inside forever. The answer was Words. The first time I learnt the difference between ‘hear’ and ‘listen’, an epiphany for my thirteen year old self, was the last time I looked at Language with insouciant eyes. I presume that my verbose gallery, would hold enough word combinations to concoct stories with. No two different words or visuals, however similar they may be, ever convey the same meaning. This realisation continues to fuel my creative process in every visual and non-visual media project I undertake. When I entered architecture school at KLS GIT six years ago, not only did my perception of Language unfurl to include the mediums of image and space but also opened a whole new perspective on it, one that was organic and manoeuvred by the story I had created for the user’s experience. Urban Design, the discipline that also informed my Bachelor’s Thesis, seemed to me, the most sweeping way of creating lasting experiential narratives for people that was driven by their choices in the maze of spatial and functional possibilities. Eventually, my thesis told the story of Belgaum’s oldest, thriving urban community, their cultural and economic challenges and the potential change in the narratives of their lives through communally-owned built insertions in its residual spaces. My interest in Transmedia Narratives stems from this love of

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