Personal Statement: A Career As A Nurse

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My grandmother was the nurse that inspired me to pursue the profession. I am so thankful that she is still here to witness me getting closer to that goal. I’ve always wanted to fulfill her foot steeps and make her proud. I am the first one in my family to attend college, and I am very proud of myself for this accomplishment, but it has been a very tough road getting to this place. As most of my family is working class that did not attend college I was expected to get a job right after high school. However, I decided personally that I wanted more for my future. I worked part time at Victor Valley College instead of working full time so that I would have time to be a full time student. Even though financially it was a struggle I knew it would be only temporary and beneficial to my future. …show more content…

Pursing a career as a nurse will be very challenging and hard work, but I know it will be a rewarding profession. I want to be a nurse so I can help people through some of their most vulnerable moments and weakest times. I believe a career as a nurse is one of the most rewarding jobs, it gives you the opportunity to positively impact your patients and community. I know that the nursing profession is a challenging career at times, but I am dedicated to put in the hard work to help

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