Personal Values In Education

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At the beginning of this course I honestly thought that my personal values and ethics all came from the same source, which was the religion I grew up following. With this course I was able to see and reflect that it is a habit that was formed and that it has become a routine that I have put myself through. I have been living a life where I was told and expect to believe what my values were I never had the change to explore it myself. The feeling that if I was able to explore myself and my values and be more open to things other then just the values that my church taught me I would have been a very successful woman now. I truly believe that it would affect different aspects of my adult life.

The many values as an adult that I cherish and have helped me become who I am today have been more beneficial and influential then those values that were put on me as a child through my families religion. Ethics knows the difference between right and wrong, or as Plato put it, (Frede, 2003, para 1) “the highest aim of moral thought and conduct.” The values that an individual possesses is very important many think that wrong and right can be taught, In my personal opinion that it comes from the values that one possesses. In childhood children are brainwashed to believe in certain values and traits. Those that are teaching the values and beliefs are the ones who are influencing this child. So in reality it is not the children’s perception but it is the idea of the person who is teaching

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