Personality Disorders Essay

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1. What were some of the reasons given for personality disorders? Some of the reasons presented in the article for the causes of personality disorders include genetic factors, physical and verbal abuse, childhood traumas, and other environmental factors. 2. Beyond genetics, what other factors may contribute to personality disorders? Environmental factors are now showing that they can contribute to the development of personality disorders. Childhood traumas are showing to be a large factor in the development of personality disorders, especially childhood sexual trauma. While they haven’t been able to prove that environment can strictly be the cause rather than the victim having an underlying genetic cause for their PD, environment still holds …show more content…

4. Discuss the positive and negative roles that parents can play in their children's development of personality. Parents can positively impact their child’s development through support as well as thefinding what parenting behaviors are best for helping their child develop in a healthy environment. The negative roles of a parent are immense. Through emotional abuse, verbal abuse, and physical abuse, the child’s potential risk to develop a PD that is more severe than what their genetic makeup may already contain is always a risk. Emotional abuse and sexual trauma have been linked to both borderline personality disorder and some instances of obsessive-compulsive disorder. 5. How do one's peers play a role in personality? Peers are yet another aspect of a person’s life that can positively offset all of the negativity that could be occurring in a child’s life. One positive influence can be the safetynet that a person struggling with PD needs in order to maintain balanced.”Even a single strong positive relationship--say a close bond with a grandmother--can offset negative influences in a dysfunctional

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