Persuasive Essay About Euthanasia

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What would you do if you were dying from the great pain? It is not surprising that there are many people in the world have to encounter with the end of life every single day. Some people died young and some passed away when they reach their aged. But because of the terminal illness, someone decided to cut the last breath of their life with dignity and called it as the euthanasia. It turned out that it has two sides about the point of view towards the euthanasia issue in a positive and negative ways. Although some people against these ideas and claim that it is an unacceptable manner, I certainly disagree about that because it can be proved that the euthanasia is one of the most peaceful ways to escape the great pain for dying people. Euthanasia can be one of the way to relieve the pain and suffering for dying people. As everyone knows that people who have to struggle with the terminal illness always end up in physical and psychological suffering, so some of them wanted to die before the pain is getting worse. According to the news of the Telegraph in 2008 which reported about Val McKay, the British woman who was diagnosed with the multiple sclerosis. She commented with the reporter before she went to the Dignitas, where is the only Swiss facility to accept foreigners for the euthanasia that people should not suffer with their illness, they should have a choice in how to die. Although the euthanasia is illegal in the United Kingdom, the BBC News exposed that there are an
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