Persuasive Essay Against Motorcycle Rider

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The lifestyle of a motorcycle rider is filled with excitement and convenience, but is hindered by those who are driving too slow. This is considered an obstacle because 49 of the 50 states do not allow lane splitting for motorcycle riders. Lane splitting is riding a bicycle or motorcycle between roadway lanes of vehicles driving in the same direction. More narrowly, it refers to overtaking slow or stopped vehicles by traveling between lanes. This becomes bothersome because motorcycle riders, like automobile drivers, do not enjoy sitting in traffic for long periods of time for it can be tiring just sitting there holding the bike up without a break. This could be fixed if the rider was able to legally lane split between the cars and be able to…show more content…
Being able to pass cars freely and whenever is just a natural inclination of most riders because they see an opening that is safe and wide enough for them to do so. But they don’t do it because they can’t legally do it anywhere except for California. Riders try year in and year out in every state to petition their state governments to legalize this form of riding but, it gets shot down every time. But riders still keep trying to petition even though it falls through because they know it will eventually work for they know the different state governments will change their…show more content…
It does this by giving riders the ability to just go between cars that are going very slow or even stopped. This is more convenient because riders do not like to just sit there and hold their bikes up while waiting for traffic to clear up. This becomes a hassle sometimes because the riders that get bigger bikes are forced to keep a heavier machine up making them get tired. And once you become tired while riding a motorcycle it becomes more difficult to ride, primarily when you need to stop or get off. With this difficulty, there would be more motorcycle accidents because they weren’t allowed to keep on riding. But this can be fixed if more states would allow lane

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