Persuasive Essay On Street Racing

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Even though street racing is dangerous, street racing should be legal, less deaths would occur when on a designated road while fewer people would be scared to drive in the city. Since the day the automobile was invented, people have had the urge to go fast. People have always wanted to be better when they compete with each other. They want to show that they are the fastest and nobody could beat them. From the days of when the WWII GI’s came home and started building their hot rods and making high horsepower vehicles, and ending in today where people are still building fast cars, all of these people built their cars for competition and raced against the people of their time. Everybody street raced at one point in their lives to see who was faster and the loser would go home, work some more, buy some more parts, and build their car to try to beat them the next go around. Even then cops would chase people and try to stop street racing. The police and everybody in the state should support street racing to be able to control it instead of trying to stop people. Street racing is illegal in all …show more content…

The program has helped many people specially when going 140[mpg] from hurting people who don’t even know a race is happening. Less deaths occur due to street racing, although some one can’t say they won’t crash their car it is very rare for people to say they won’t lose control and not lose

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