Persuasive Essay On Antigone

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I am Antigone. We both fight for the rights of others who cannot do so, like Antigone used her life to avenge and respect her fallen brother, Polyneices. Similarly, I use my privileges in society, such as white skin and moderate affluence, to benefit those who need it most in their fights for economic or social equality. The fight for justice holds its hardships as told by both our experiences: Antigone faced capital punishment for going against Creon’s decree, as I and others in the modern era face lawmakers against our purposes. Regardless, Antigone and I both hold strong with “the unchangeable unwritten code of Heaven” (17), using our advantages to help those who need it most, despite the backlash of placing morals and integrity over rules and regulation. …show more content…

…” (18) says Creon while sentencing Antigone to death for her so-called “crimes.” This common theme of punishment in a struggle for justice does not only appear in ancient times and literature, but it also has happened in the near-past, such as Dr. Martin Luther King’s and Nelson Mandela’s battles to end racial segregation leading to their imprisonments, or even the incarceration of gay rights demonstrators at the Stonewall Inn in 1969. I, personally, call myself an active supporter in the current fight against the North Dakota Pipeline, in which the United States’ government is arresting Sioux tribespeople and others for protesting the development of an oil pipeline on sacred lands. Fights for justice against governments have never stopped occurring in history, and they will not stop, shown by the immense continuum of justified rebellion before Antigone, written around 441 BCE, and the “#NoDAPL” movement in

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