Persuasive Essay On Competition

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I have loved competition ever since a young age. I have several friends that I love to compete with. We compete every day, whether it is sports or if it in school games. We have been competing for as long as I can remember. Although my friends and I believe that competition is a great thing at school, some parents and schools are trying to argue that we should remove competition from school. They believe that kids can get hurt, but a child can get hurt just as likely to get hurt walking up the stairs as they are playing sports. Other people believe that a child’s self esteem is lowered when they lose. If a child doesn’t learn how to take loss then he or she will never be prepared in the real world. We have to allow these kids to compete …show more content…

To start off with, kids want to win. If they are serious about winning then they will work as hard as possible to win. When kids lose, it makes them work even harder so that next time they can win. Whenever you have friendly competition between two or more kids it makes them strive to be better at each other. If it is competition in the classroom, it could cause them to study more and improve their grades. If it is competition in sports, then it can cause them to work harder in practice to become better. With kids working harder in practice it can improve the team overall. With kids striving to become better in school it will improve both their sports and their grades. In sports, it will improve our teams and can intimidate other teams if we get a giant win record. In academics, it will allow our students to learn more in school and be prepared for the future. On the whole, I believe competition is good in school because it allows children to work together as a team, it helps children stay active, and it makes kids strive to be better. I strongly believe that we can keep competition in the school system. However, I can not control what decisions adults make. When I am older I will support competition in school as much as possible. I want children to experience the joy I had all throughout school competing with my

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