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The United States is a place of freedom. We are a mixing pot that unifies as one. Many religions, cultures, and languages make their home in the Unites States. Many foreigners see the U.S. as an opportunity to seek better lives and education, but when it comes to foreigners and native-born non-English speakers that do not yet know English, it becomes a little more difficult to go about an average day let alone make a better future. Children in school often become English Language Learners, or ELL, to assimilate to the American standards. It is a hard journey for both the students, families, and the teachers. But, their journey is not taken alone since there are about 5 million English language learners in the United State. ELL, or English…show more content…
Parents should stay involved in their child's schooling. Language barriers are not the only barrier for ELL students but their parents as well. But, many ELLs come from families who earn significantly less pay than equally opportunity English speakers. Which puts an economic burden on the family. Families may desire to be a part of their child’s schooling, but many feel a certain level of disconnect from the school system. Many parents also must pick up extra time, therefor lacking time to participate in their children’s education. Parents must put forward an effort to see that their children develop good social and educational standings with parental support. There are big challenges facing ELL teachers, as they need to is ensuring that each student makes progress in reading, math, and English. Being able to accurately assess each student can be difficult, as accommodations that are allowed during testing can sometimes be of limited value. Another challenge that many teachers struggle with is that there is such a wide range of academic levels among ELL students, and preparing lessons and integrating activities that are academically appropriate for a wide range of students can be

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