Persuasive Essay On Flu Vaccines

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People have chosen not to get themselves or their children vaccinated since they were first available. There has always been controversy over vaccinations, they thought to be immoral or objectionable, and they are! Vaccines are unsafe, unnatural and unnecessary for the human population. Medical technology has improved in the last 100 years and so have our living conditions. Yet we have never been sicker, this is the first generation who will not out live their parents. We owe a lot of this to vaccines, which have never been proven safe or effective. Vaccines are like Russian Roulette. With live and inactivated viruses, aborted baby, bacteria, monkey, cow and insect ingredients, neurotoxins, hazardous wastes, and carcinogens are all things you inject into you or your child 's body. Exposing you and them to illnesses including the one the vaccine is trying to prevent! Your body may or may not even develop the artificial immunity and if it does it will only be temporary. Well you may be thinking, if vaccines are supposed to make me immune, why do I “need” to get a flu shot every year? To answer your question, every year scientists will forget about the actual disease prevention and just try to predict the next flu strain to vaccinate against. The flu vaccine hasn 't even been properly tested, doesn 't work and sheds- infecting the people around you. But you should still get a flue shot because that makes complete sense.…show more content…
Have you heard of vaccines causing autism? They can. If you look at the scientific data, vaccine ingredients, product information, court documents and acknowledged parents of vaccine-injured children. According to Generation Rescue Inc., The U.S. is currently the the highest vaccination rate in the world but also has the highest autism prevalence rate. From the 1970’s till now Autism has increased 11000% and the yearly vaccine schedule has nearly tripled since then.

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