Essay On Homeless Youth

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Each year, a pool of thousands of homeless youth get commonly overlooked and misjudged throughout the United States. “In the 2013-2014 school year alone, it was reported that there were approximately 1.3 million homeless youth enrolled in the public-school system” (United States). Despite the enormous number of children homelessness affects, the public eye remains ignorant on the topic. Some people try to go blind to the number while others decide to look down upon those it hurts, rather than assessing and improving the situation. Until society gains knowledge of both the causes and effects these adolescents face daily, the ever-growing epidemic will continue to show no signs of improvement. In recent years, complications relating to the child welfare systems and justice programs have led to a rise…show more content…
While homelessness is never an ideal experience, youths that experience this while remaining intact with their family unit are far less likely to experience the common hardships that a youth without family guidance would. Many of these homeless circumstances are temporary as families receive assistance through programs and shelters until the time that they can get back on their feet (National Center). Being a homeless youth in a society that lacks knowledge or apathy on one’s situation raises an abundance of hardships for adolescents that experience this type of lifestyle. Often, when a youth first experiences vagrancy, they attempt to carry on the routine they once practiced daily. A large component of this is their schooling. In 2016, the United States Department of Education released the “Every Student Succeeds Act” (ESSA) with high hopes of assisting the homeless youths. The act’s goal is to guarantee the educational rights and privacy of all homeless youths in the public-school system (United
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