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Often, lack of sleep is the first reason given by any adult who is not performing their best, but lack of sleep is also a major issue in most teens. A prime example of how lack of sleep is very common with teens is my family member, a 15-year-old girl who will be addressed as S.L.M. and has a clean bill of health. She’s notorious for napping too long during the day and staying up too late leading to an endless cycle of sleep deprivation. She often has difficulty waking up for school and has been known to miss the school bus in the morning.
S.L.M.’s sleep problem started to significantly worsen about two years ago when she moved to North Dakota from California. She often stayed up into the late hours to stay in touch with her friends from California to play video games with them causing her body to shut down after school and nap for an extended amount of time. The broken cycle of staying up late at night and then making up for the lost sleep by napping late afternoon has led her to ultimately being sleep deprived. Even though she primarily stays up late to play video games, she’s a high school student who obsesses about her homework and studies vigorously to maintain her 4.0 GPA. Finding the balance between socializing, maintaining a high GPA and getting the right amount of sleep is a problem that S.L.M. needs to slowly try to curve to improve her health and overall well-being.
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