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Dirty or damaged hardwood floors are a common problem in Florida. Between the salt air and sand on the bottom of people 's shoes, it can create massive problems with the hardwood in your home. The sand acts as sandpaper to scrub away the protective coating on the hardwood. The three most common problems with hardwood floors are dirt, a worn finish and damaged boards.

Regular Care

One of the easiest ways to care for your floors is by taking care of them properly on a routine basis. You should never use harsh chemicals to clean your hardwoods. It can dull the finish and ruin the flooring.

Instead of harsh chemicals, the best way to clean your floors is with warm water and a mop. We recommend using a solution of vinegar and water for stained, dirty floors.

The floors
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Direct sunlight can change the color of your floors in certain areas around the windows. To avoid fading, keep the blinds closed or use sheer curtains that will block most of the sunlight.

Recoating Floors

Every few years, your hardwood floors will need to be refinished. Many people believe that they 'll have to wait until the floors are in terrible shape then they 'll bring in a harsh sanding machine.

You don 't need to refinish the hardwoods by sanding and reapplying a finish. Instead of a complete floor refinish, you can reseal the floors. A reseal does more than make the floor beautiful again, it adds a layer of protection to the wood and seals the open pores to avoid stains.

When floors are left without that layer of protection, spills, dirt and water will leave stains in the wood itself that are hard to remove without that harsh sanding machine mentioned previously.

Daily care is needed to keep your floors in the best shape possible especially in the salty and sandy areas of Florida. You 'll need to dry mop or vaccuum the floor each day to remove dirt or sand. Leave a mat at the door for shoes too. Don 't be afraid to remove old finishes and recoat the floor when it begins to

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