Snow Days Persuasive Essay

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Snow days, are they over? Snow days are soon going to be replaced with E-days. E-days are days that you have to stay home because of the harsh weather so instead of staying home and watching tv, you can learn from home. So with that said, I think that E-days are a good idea. This essay will explain to the reader that E-days are a good idea because they save money, 2. the program has worked and is liked, and 3. they help protect scheduled vacations on the calendars. First this paragraph will explain to the reader that E-days save money. One reason is because on regular school days the school has to pay for the school bus drivers and the gas that goes into the school bus. I know this is true because since no children get picked up, no gas on the busses will be running and the bus drivers wouldn’t need to be paid because they aren’t picking anyone up. Another reason that E-days save money is because the lights and electricity is on in the school. Some proof is that since no students or the staff is in the school, there is no point in keeping the generators, lights, or any electricity on. So E-days help save money. Second this essay will explain to the reader that the the E-day program has worked and is liked. One reason is because more than 500 schools in pennsylvania and 29 schools in Indiana have tried the …show more content…

Since students are not at school, the school doesn’t have to pay for any of the expenses plus, E-days help save our scheduled vacations. I think that my strongest reason is E-days protect scheduled vacations, I know this because they count as school days so there you don’t have to make up the day that you “ missed”. After reading this essay I hope that the reader will consider talking to the school board about E-days replacing snow

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