Ultraviolet Radiation Research Paper

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As we already know UV (aka sunlight and artificial UV lighting) can cause forms of skin cancers. It seems to be common sense now days but we really don’t know how or why specifically and we also don’t really know what preventative measures actually work. As we grow up every day we expose ourselves to sunlight but unless we are going out to the beach or pool, we don’t take preventative measures to keep our skin safe from radiation and some are even attempting to do the complete opposite for beautification. After reading a few articles and doing some research on my own I have reached a valid argument to explain a few reasons why preventative measures need to be taken. In this essay I will first explain how radiation is bad for you skin and why we need to take these measures to fight for our lives.
Then I will help educate you on how we can add a few things to our daily routines so we can stay healthier and happier in our everyday life.
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First let’s explain what Ultra violet radiation is. Ultraviolet radiation definition is radiation in the part of the electromagnetic spectrum where wavelengths are just shorter than those of ordinary, visible violet light but longer than those of x-rays. In other words it’s dangerous to play with. It is unstable molecules known as reactive oxygen species. (Source: Journal of Aesthetic Nursing (J AESTHETIC NURS), Jul/Aug2015; 4(6): 276-280. 5p) Lorna Bowes, who is an Aesthetic Nurse and Director, Aesthetic Source, Bedford, explains in her article that long exposure to UVR (ultra violet radiation) will cause an increase in age due to the damage on the skin from the radiation and could eventually lead to skin cancer. Even on a cloudy day the over 80% of the sun’s rays penetrates the clouds and continue to damage your skin and when that sun light hits the surface, it will increase the power

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