How To Quit Smoking

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Many smokers mistakenly think that switching to a low-tar and low-nicotine brand will ease their nicotine addiction, making it easier for them to quit smoking but actually, the tobacco is the same in all cigarettes. The only difference is that the low brands have more holes punched into their paper or filters, so you don’t get as good a draw when inhaling. But to compensate, people smoking low brands tend to inhale more deeply and take more puffs, so they wind up getting the same amount of nicotine.
Same goes for cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke. If you smoke fewer every day, you’ll just take longer and more frequent puffs, so you’ll still be getting the same amount of nicotine. In studies conducted, it was found out that the average smoker has 30 cigarettes a day (1 and half packs), taking ten three-second puffs on each butt. When he cuts …show more content…

Drink a baking soda cocktail
If you’re not on a low-sodium diet, researchers say you may get short-term relief from nicotine withdrawal symptoms by dissolving two tablespoons of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) in a glass of water. Have this drink with every meal.
Note: this is not recommended if you have peptic ulcer.
5. Pay yourself
A federally funded, 1.3 million dollar study on smoking habits found that people who are paid 1 dollar for every day they go without a smoke are more successful at staying off nicotine than other quitters. The point is to indulge yourself in some way to compensate for the sacrifice you’re making. Any reward will do; money is just an option.
6. Quarantine yourself
In order to be successful at quitting smoking, you have to prepare to leave situations where smoking is permitted. Modify your activities so that you spend more time in non-smoking areas. Go to the library, the church or visit places where you cannot smoke. It’s important to understand that these nicotine cravings will pass, but they will pass more easily if you’re someplace where you cannot indulge.
7. Monitor your

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