Persuasive Essay On Speed Safety

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Speed limits are vital to ensure people’s safety, both the driver’s and surrounding pedestrians.The most common cause of road accidents are because of speeding. The higher speed increases the chance of an accident. Enforcing speed limits may help prevent accident that occur on roads. Statistics show the Each year over 700 people are killed in crashes involving someone exceeding the speed limit. (RoSPA, 2012) According the WHO, For every 1km/h reduction in average speed, there is a 2% reduction in the number of crashes. The speed limit for the road in front of Canadian Academy is 40 km/h, as well as all the other roads located on the Rokko Island. This road is used by students, faculty, parents and other residents in the area. Not only is it a road that leads to CA, it is also connect to Rokko Island High School and several apartments. The speed limit is important to ensure the safety of all these individuals. In Physics, students collected data to test if drivers do speed on the road outside of CA. The data collected concludes that several drivers do drive over …show more content…

In England, the council in Norfolk rejected expensive speed cameras and decided to use trees to slow down driver’s instead.Deborah Murphy states that the canopy works to “Condense the Driver’s view and tend to make them drive slower,”(Mott, 2012) Trees are planted at short intervals and as cars approached the village it created the illusion that the landscape was passing at a faster rate. In return, some drivers do slow down. Valerie Watson, and urban designer is working with a group of residents to develop ‘Parklets’. “Parklets can take up just one of two metered parking spaces where you can create a small area with seats and planting.” (Mott, 2012) The parklet program was developed in San Francisco, and residents said that when the drivers see human activity in their peripheral vision, it slows them

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