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The UK has an ever-growing problem of obesity within the nation, especially within youths. The proposed solution to the problem Is a sugar tax however that is blatantly wrong. The only reason the tax has been passed by the government is to bring in more money to the UK, which is being promised to be spent within the health and education sectors. These areas are without a doubt in need of the expected 800 million pounds that the tax will bring in, however, the problem of obesity will still be there no matter how much the government decide to tax sugary drinks.

In essence, the sugar tax on drinks in the UK is a feeble attempt to lower obesity rates. This tax is like trying to fight off an aggressive Grizzly Bear with a twig. The sugar tax has many flaws so this is why I would propose a ban on all drinks that fall into the highest tax bracket of the sugar tax, even though these drinks are not the leading cause of obesity they do contribute to many greater risks such as heart disease, liver failure and Metabolic Syndrome. The leading cause of
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The tax has a few exceptions which could be exploited by the public and the tax would not have the desired effect on the public and obesity rates. The truth is that no one knows what will happen after the tax is put into place, there have not been any studies carried out to see what alternatives the public will go for. It is more than likely that they will continue buying the drinks they have loved all their lives. The tastes of a nation do not change overnight. They take years, or over decades to

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