Persuasive Essay On The Giver

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Have you ever had to put a pet down? In the Giver, Euthanasia, the killing to end ones suffering is used. This version of release is where they are injected with hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen cyanide is a pale blue or colorless (has a bitter almond smell) liquid at room temperature and gas at higher temperatures that kills them rapidly. They are then thrown down an choute that leads somewhere else. There is a boy named Jonas, and he is chosen to be the new Receiver of Memory, which is one who receives all memories of color, emotion, and death. He runs away eventually, trying to save a new child, who isn't fully healthy. They either live or die at the end, it is never officially stated. I will explain the release of Newchilden, the Old release, …show more content…

Older people after a certain age longer have to work and go to live in the House of the Old. Then after a while in the house of the old, they are released. Release for the old is a time for celebrate in the house of the old. Their life story is told, some others do speeches about how great the person was about. Then the person to be released is led into a room and a needle is injected into their arm. Release always throws off the schedule a bit. ““We celebrated a release this morning” the attendant said.” (p. 28). We don't practice euthanasia without elders in our community. People here die naturally. Some people who are very sick and won't live very much longer are given pills to peacefully die. Others who are destined to live the rest of their lives in a hospital bed unconscious have families who can pull their plug. There are some people that have bad lives, from bullying, abuse, depression, and such and they don't want to live anymore. So they commit suicide. It's the worst way out, but sometimes the only way as they see it. To keep the population down, it would be better if we did use euthanasia on older people that would not live much longer. But we don't, because it's classified

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